Step Outside the Classroom

Explore Palm Beach while learning English in the real world.

Immersion is the fastest way to learn a language. Not only is Palm Beach and its surrounding areas beautiful, there are lots and lots of native English language speakers which gives you the opportunity to learn and practice English in natural real world settings.

From it’s beautiful beaches and waterways to its cultural and fine dining experiences, South Florida has something to offer everyone. Plus, it’s conveniently located between Miami and Orlando via Brightline (Orlando station opening soon, check Brightline.com).

Assistance can be provided for travel and housing arrangements.

Learning English on location provides both specific and general language opportunities. For example, if you want to learn about dining language and etiquette, we will conduct the lesson at a restaurant. In contrast, the lessons can be general, such as exploring downtown West Palm Beach on foot and/or on the Trolley to encounter a variety of real world/situational language opportunities.

Ready to step out of the classroom? Tired of sitting at desk? Staring at a computer got you down? Sounds like you are ready to  learn English in the Real World! Choose a lesson or a package from those listed below to get started.

ESL On Location

Try something truly interactive and practical. Venture out in Palm Beach with Cheryl to improve your English in real world settings, such as a mall, grocery store, restaurant, library, business or office setting.

1 On-Location Lesson
(90 Minutes)


Per Lesson

1 x $265 = $265 Total

Buy  5 or 10 to Save

Customized Lesson

Up to 4 People

Real World Setting

5 On-Location Lessons
(90 Minutes each)


Per Lesson

5 x $250 = $1250 Total

Save $75 with this bundle.

Customized Lessons

Up to 4 People

Real World Settings

10 On-Location Lessons
(90 Minutes each)


Per Lesson

10 x $225 = $2250 Total

Total Savings = $400

Customized Lessons

Up to 4 People

Real World Settings

We also offer ESL destination/vacation experiences - inquire here.

Why is TELEPB different?

Your lessons are individually designed based on your level (determined by pre-assessments) and your English language learning goals. Many language schools offer a “one-fits-all” approach to course design. At TELEPB, no two courses are alike. This provides a more targeted and more flexible approach to improving your English in the shortest amount of time.

Course design can include the following components:

  • Accent Reduction/Pronunciation
  • Business English
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Test Preparation for TOEFL and TOEIC

Read enough? Let’s get started!